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Stainless steel cables with cotton sleeves

  1. Stainless Steel Electrodes Cable with 1 pair of Mini Cotton Sleeves

For RSG-1 & RSG-2

Price is US$15.00 Buy Pulser Cable


  1. Mini Cotton Sleeve - Pack of 10

For RSG-1 & RSG-2

Price is US$6.00 Buy Mini Cotton Sleeves

Copper handholds with cotton sleeves

  1. 1 pair of " 4" Copper Handholds with 1 pair of Cotton Sleeves

For RSG-1 & RSG-5

Price is  US$18.00 Buy Copper Handholds


  1. Cotton Sleeves - Pack of 6

For RSG-1

Price is US$6.00 Buy Cotton Sleeves for Copper Handholds

Zapper cables

  1. Cable with banana type plugs (Zapper cable)

For RSG-1 & RSG-5

Price is US$12.00 Buy Zapper Cable

Standard neoprene strap with velcro

  1. 9" Neoprene strap with Velcro (standard)

For RSG-1 & RSG-2

Price is US$5.00 Buy 9' Neoprene Strap

Velcro clinch strap

  1. 18" Velcro clinch strap

For RSG-1

Price is US$5.00 Buy Velcro Cling Strap

  1. 6" 99.99% pure 14ga Silver rods - 1 pair

For RSG-1, RSG-2, RSG-3 & miniCS

Price is US$25.00 Buy Silver

  1. Elastic Strap

For RSG-2

Price is US$5.00 Buy Elastic Strap

  1. 9 Volt Alkaline Battery - Pack of 3 (Bulk)

Out of Stock

  1. Battery Cap Tool

For RSG-4

Price is US$3.00 Buy Battery Cap Tool

  1. Large Cotton Sleeve - Pack of 6

For RSG-4 & Stainless Steel Handholds

Price is US$6.50 Buy Cotton Sleeves for RSG-4 or Stainless Steel Handholds

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